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I smell a rat

One of the 2 foots (Chris) has just said that we can play out all night.... I bet she has something unpleasant in store for tomorrow. Flopsy is back to normal now. If I try REALLY hard, then she will groom me (but not for long), but then she expects me to groom her for ages......


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Mar. 19th, 2003 01:57 pm (UTC)
Fine and Dandy
Hello Dandy!

I'm writing you all the way from the States! What a fine bun you are and smart too. And I'll just bet you like a crunching good electric guitar solo as well. Does your Daddy let you play with the stereo? Go turn it up real loud and tell Paul and Chris that it's Time To Ring Some Changes around this joint. :-)

Keep up the good work my boy and give Flopsy a big ol' bunny kiss for me!

Your two-foot friend -
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