dandy's journal by Arwen (dandybun) wrote,
dandy's journal by Arwen

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The 2-foots get it wrong again

So do you remember I told you how Flopsy Girl had been ill, & how she was a lot better now?
Well last night, the 2-foots came dashing in, scooped up Flopsy Girl, stuffed her in a carrier, and went straight out again. They FINALLY took her to see Auntie Francis (the best bunny vet in the world), who checked her over, said that she was going to be fine, and then gave the 2-foots some nasty medicine for Flopsy Girl to take. I'll tell you now though, they are not going to get me to take it, although I know that they are going to try, just because my currents are a bit on the small side, I mean what has it got to do with them what comes out of my backside anyway?

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