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Very dangerous food

I have found out that one of the foods that 2-foots eat could spell the end of the whirld as we know it... Imagine... No more Lagamorphia... No more Binkies... NO MORE CARROTS!!!

This food is New-Clear, which means that if not treated correctly it will cause a HUGE explosion, enough to blow your fur off, so please be aware, and watch out for this very dangerous food and report your 2-foots to the Bunny-Mint if they eat it. The food to watch out for is called fission-chips. If your 2-foots bring ANY fission-chips into the burrow hide under something until they have finished eating it just to be on the safe side.

Deputy Pry-Minister Cedric (LIA agent 0014) saying over and out... I don't really know why I said over and out, perhaps it's because I rolled over, and Millie hopped out...

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