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Register of interests

Following an enquiry from Freddy, and in the light of the way that the 2-foot Parly-Mint have been stealing pellet tokens, Millie and I have decided that it would be hop-rope-ree-ate for ALL Bunny-Mint ministers to submit a full and complete list of all of their income and ex-pen-dee-ture.

We therefore require EVERY Bunny-Mint minister to complete the following survey. We would also request that all LIA agents consider doing it too for the good of Lagamorphia.

1. Primary Residence

2. Secondary Residence (if applicable)
2a. Purpose of secondary residence

3. Other residences (if applicable)
3a. Purpose of other residences

4. Income

5. Expenditure

6. Toys

Here is my list (which also serves as Pry-Minister Millie-Millie-Millie-Millie Bun-Bun-Bun-Bun's list too :-

1. Primary Residence - The Bunny-Mint

2. Secondary Residence (if applicable) - Our condo
2a. Purpose of secondary residence - A place of retreat from the 2-foots which also serves as BunnyTunes Headquarters.

3. Other residences (if applicable) - The rest of the burrow
3a. Purpose of other residences - To provide places to chew and poo

4. Income - Limitless Dried grass and hay, Salad once a day, and pellets & treats as required.

5. Expenditure - Lots of wee and poo

6. Toys - Lots of chewy, throwy, and munchy things.

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