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I'm so ashamed... NO MAD!!!!

I am a bun of im-peck-able taste and linny-age. I have standards. I want, no, I NEED everything to be just right. I specify our litter tray as follows:-

A plastic tray to have a lining of newspaper topped off with dried grass so that I can munch while I poo.

I realise now that I should have written a tighter spessy-fee-kate-shun. Normally, the newspaper that our tray is lined out with is The Times, or The Guardian, or at WORST the Yorkshire Evening Post, so how do you think I felt when I sat in the litter tray only to find that it had been lined out with THE SUN!!!!

How can I poo in that... although... come to think of it... pooing on it is all The Sun is fit for!

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