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The Krikkitt Wars

I must admit, study of our pet 2-foots is particularly rewarding at the moment. They appear to be involved in The Krikkitt Wars. This is how it werks...

The 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head comes home first, gives us some treats, cleans out our stuff, gives us some treats, feeds us, gives us some treats, and then switches on the light up box to watch the krikkitt before giving us some treats. Then, after giving us some treats, he goes and collects the other 2-foot from her werk who then gives us some treats and starts IMMEDIATELY complaing that krikkitt is on the light up box AGAIN, and why can't they have something on that SHE wants to watch, then he says it's because everything she wants to watch is rubbish, and besides, she can watch her stuff on the light up box upstairs whereas he can only watch the krikkitt on the light up box downstairs because of something to do with the sky (I don't bunderstand that bit, maybe it's because the light up box upstairs is nearer the sky and that stops it from getting the krikkitt) anyway, so she goes upstairs to watch Constipation Street or some such, but falls asleep and misses it, and then comes back downstairs and tells the one with no fur on the top of his head that it's all his fault.


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