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There's more than one way to skin a carrot.

There is the big blast approach, and then there is the cute but subtle way to achieve the same result...

When Millie wants to make the 2-foot's bed wet and uncomfortable she wees on it. The problem with that is that they just change the bedding and start covering the bed up with a plastic sheet so that if she does it again the wee doesn't get through, while I on the other paw am a little more devious...

When the 2-foots left for werk this morning they turned back the quilt to "air the bed". I let them get out of the way and then I went to werk... I jumped up on the bed and started licking. I produced several SPLENDID wet patches and when the 2-foots came home and saw me doing it they just said Awwwww... THEY THOUGHT IT WAS CUTE!!! fools.........

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