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I'm very sorry Mr. Andy, oh and your weekly reminder too.

This is too good to be true. Yet again the 2-foots have been out all day. Today they went to Yawk. I was diss-gus-ted with them though. Mr. Andy lives in New-Yawk yet they made no attempt to go and see him. Now the original Yawk was built inside some stone walls with a big stone building in the middle called Yawk Minny-stir. Outside the walls are some new buildings - New Yawk! You would think that they would have made the effort to go outside those old walls and gone to see Mr. Andy wouldn't you? but no, it was obviously too much effort for them. So I would like to apple-olly-jize to Mr. Andy for the terrible thoughtless behaviour of our pet 2-foots.

Now to your weekly BunnyTunes vote reminder. so far we have had votes for the next BunnyTunes chart from House of Rabbits and from Max. Anybun else like to get their scutt in gear and vote for their favourite?

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