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A Couple of things...

First and pawmost, your weekly reminder to vote for you favourite for the BunnyTunes chart. votes are in already from Swampygang and The Tedster so come on the rest of you Lagamorphians, lets be having your hopinions.

The other thing I have to tell you is that I produced a BRAND NEW backing track for "Hoppin' in the free world" which is one of my very favourite BunnyTunes of all time, this will mean that it can be done at Live Hay'd with a really heavy backing YEAH!!!!!!!

Speaking of Live Hay'd I'm going to begin a countdown and publish it EVERY DAY to remind everybun to get their scutts in gear to prepare for it, so if there's anything you need from me NOW IS THE TIME TO ASK!

LIVE HAY'D 2009 - 9 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!

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