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I've had another e-mail

All the way from America, a message from Lisa:-

Subject: Fine and Dandy

Hello Dandy!

I'm writing you all the way from the States! What a fine bun you are and
smart too. And I'll just bet you like a crunching good electric guitar
solo as well. Does your Daddy let you play with the stereo? Go turn it
up real loud and tell Paul and Chris that it's Time To Ring Some Changes
around this joint. :-)

Keep up the good work my boy and give Flopsy a big ol' bunny kiss for

Your two-foot friend - Lisa

Nice sentiment Lisa (and don't get me wrong, I appreciate the feedback (although Neil Young uses rather too much of it for my liking)), but hey, I'm a rabbit. I think I'm doing pretty damn good to type, but play a guitar? come on get real! as for the stereo, the 2 foots keep it in a cupboard, and even somebun as talented as yours truly can't get the doors open, still, if they bought a piano, I could run up & down the keys. Now how do I persude them to do that........

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