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Here we are again

Well, after all the excitement of Saturday, here we are starting a brand new week. The 2-foots let us out of our cage on Saturday night (they were out all afternoon), but shortly afterwards they went out. I thought at first that they had been to that pub place that they have to go to when they had been naughty, but they seemed to be so happy when they came home, I'm not sure.... Anyway, it was about 3am when they got home, and they went straight to bed, not to emerge until about 9am, by which time we were absolutely starving! Our breakfast of course was their first task, and then they inspected the work that I had been doing on our playhouse. It's funny, but I don't think that they are as pleased with it as me and Flopsy Girl are. On Sunday afternoon, they went out again to meet up with some other 2-foots from Bunny Camp. They took some copes of my newsletter with them to hand out, and then came home and gave us a HUGE pile of greens. All in all, a very satisfactory couple of days.

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