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Home is where the heart is

Tomorrow, it will be exactly one year since I adopted my 2-foots, and more importantly, met the love of my life, Flopsy Girl. There have been ups and downs, both Flopsy Girl and yours truly have had health scares, but right now we are just fine, and as soon as I have finished typing this, we will be snuggling under the table again.
All in all, I have been very lucky. When I look back on my long life (I'll be 2 tomorrow), and I think of how I was unloved and abandoned, If it had not been for Sonya & Jim at the bunny camp, I would not be here today to be telling my story.
I started off this journal by telling how I spent a whole year in the Bunny Camp before I agreed to come and live with my 2-foots. Sometimes, it felt like I would never find anyone suitable to go and live with, but I never gave up, and now, here I am living the kind of pampered life that I deserve.
I've lost a lot of very good friends this year. There was Thumper-Binx, Bunny Bunny, and far too many to mention at Ebony-Eyes retirement home, but one thing that they all had in common was that just like me and Flopsy Girl, they were loved by their pet 2-foots.
So my friends, this is the last entry for volume one of the Dandy Diaries. Tomorrow, is a brand new day, a brand new year for me, and the first day of volume two. I've enjoyed writing this. I hope that you have enjoyed reading it, and I hope that tomorrow you read what my brand new day brings.
I love all of you
Thanks for everything

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