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Yes I know I shouldn't be surprised but...

2-foots... Need I say more... Alright, if you insist, then I will...
You may remember recently that Pry-Minister Millie-Millie-Millie-Millie Bun-Bun-Bun-Bun asked if everybun was happy for her to stay in her job, and without any fuss or bother everybun declared their confidence in her, so how come that when the 2-foots ask the same question we are subjected to an hour and a half of Brown Gordon, Rabid Cameraman and Dick Clogg droning on and on and on about how they are best and the other ones are rubbish. And you thought krickitt was boring?


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Apr. 16th, 2010 01:34 am (UTC)
How about we send you Say Rah Pay Linn ????
Apr. 16th, 2010 06:01 am (UTC)
How about you don't bother?
Apr. 16th, 2010 09:08 pm (UTC)

Good thinking zoeybunn!!
hahahahaha...PLEASE take her!!
Apr. 16th, 2010 10:21 pm (UTC)
Apr. 16th, 2010 02:12 pm (UTC)
Krickitt is boring.
Apr. 16th, 2010 02:17 pm (UTC)
We are subjected to it every single day!!!
Apr. 16th, 2010 02:34 pm (UTC)
Yawn ...... surprised you haven't turned into sleeping Frenchies!
Apr. 16th, 2010 02:39 pm (UTC)
The French don't really play much Krickitt
Apr. 16th, 2010 02:51 pm (UTC)
They probably did once and then found out that it made their buns sleep like a Frenchie Lop does. They obviously have more sense now!
Apr. 16th, 2010 02:32 pm (UTC)
We don't get pictures on a box - just radio 4, that's worse I have to suffer The Archers, twice a day. We are allowed saturdays off though.
Apr. 16th, 2010 02:39 pm (UTC)
I thought Eddie was going to get the sack for leaving that gate open... You see... It's not just you!
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