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BunnyTunes 5 is GO!!!

The date tomorrow is 11th May 2010. This is a date that will live forever in history. It is the release date of BunnyTunes 5!!!
Yes, from tomorrow we will be accepting orders for BunnyTunes 5, so unless you want to miss out on new classics like "Rex is the best", "Everbound", & "Boogey's sweater song" plus lots and lots of others you need to start ordering!!!

In the UK and Europe go to the UK page http://bunnytunes.webs.com/howtoorderalbums.htm
In the USA go to http://www.bunnytunesusa.org/Order_Now_.html

Orders shipping from the UK will be dealt with immediately. USA orders will be subject to a slight delay while the master discs make their way across the big pond to Jane.
Here's the artwerk from the front cover.


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