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Flopsy in a strop

As the countdown to Christmas continues, the lifestyle of the 2-foots becomes more and more unpredictable. Take yesterday for instance. The one with no fur on the top of his head went out as usual, but the other one did not go out until much later. What's more, SHE DID NOT LET US OUT OF OUR CAGE! This put Flopsy Girl in a bad mood that stayed with her all day, so even when one of the 2-foots came home and let us out and fed us, Flopsy was still a bit off hand. Anyway, eventually it came around to bed time, and our bed time ritual started. I have to explain at this point, that the 2-foots make it worth our while going to bed by putting some carrots with nice green tops in our cage, so after a bit of a chasing game, Flopsy Girl hops off to the cage, and I let the 2-foots carry me back (well you have to let them pick you up sometimes, and when there's a carrot at the end of it, it's worth it!). Anyway, Flopsy Girl was not having any of it last night. So the 2-foots took me to the cage first, and then chased Flopsy Girl around for ages until one of them finally cornered her, and carried her to the cage, BY WHICH TIME, I HAD EATEN ALL OF THE BEST BITS OF THE CARROTS!!! nah nah, na nah nah.

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