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That's my girl!

My Flopsy Girl is the very best, I mean nobun but Flopsy could have done it! Oh I know that she seems quiet and thoughtful, and you would think that parsley would not melt in her mouth, but last night, she surpassed herself!
As it was getting late last night, we both fancied a carrot. So to drop a hint for the 2-foots, we both hopped into our cage, so that they would realise that it was bed-time, and that it was time to give us a carrot. Anyway, they took the hint, and gave us a couple of small carrots, but then they said, "We are not shutting the cage door, so you can play out tonight if you like" IF WE LIKE? YOU BET WE LIKE!
Anyway, the 2-foots went upstairs to bed, and as soon as we heard them snoring, Flopsy Girl said follow me Dandy, there's something I want to do. Anyway, SHE WENT UPSTAIRS! I don't go upstairs, I'm not good with heights, so I stayed at the bottom. Next thing I knew, there's all kinds of stuff bouncing down the stairs INCLUDING 2 TREAT BASKETS!!! Anyway, they both were covered in that plastic stuff that's really bad for you if you eat it, so we decided to very carefully just open one of them between us (which we did), and got some nuts and some fruit out of it.
When the 2-foots came downstairs this morning, I thought that they would be angry, but not a bit of it! They told us how clever we were, and carried the open treat basket into the living room and put it on the floor for us. It seems that a little part of our Christmas has come early this year. Yeaaah!

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