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My LIA Mission

Today I sent the 2-foots to raise pellet tokens for Bunny Camp.
Hoparrently, 2-foots are too stewpid to pack their own shopping at the soupermarket and they need to have someone else to do it for them, so we decided to charge them pellet tokens to do it for them.

Not only did we do that, but we sent the giant white bunny along to mug any passing shoppers mthat were missed at the tills, PLUS we discovered that some 2-foot kits like to have their faces painted so we organised that too. Here's a picture of Sonya and the giant white bunny AND some face painting.

Finally here's a picture of the giant white bunny with a 2-foot kit that is trying to look like a rabbit.

I think that you will admit that I have completed a VERY in-paw-tent mission!

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