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Two kinds of 2-foot

Yes my friends there are two kinds of 2-foot.

1. The useful kind. A good example of the useful kind would be Mr. Andy's mother, also known as DodgeCityKitty. She has a really good journal dodgecitykitty and she has been very generous to Bunny Camp, and what's more, it his her birthday tomorrow, so please join with me in wishing her a very hoppy birthday. Then, on the other paw you have...

2.The useless kind. I have my journal set up so that I screen any comments that come from non-livejournal contributors. Now today, I had one from someone who wanted to escort me if ever I visited London, and they gave me a link to their website. When I checked it out, all the escorts were does who were obviously very short of pellet tokens as they didn't have any clothes to wear. I deleted the comment.

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