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The Bunny Camp Open Day

The sun shone, the bunnies binkied, and a splendid time was guaranteed for all!

On the way in there were 2-foots selling raffle tickets

These were the raffle prizes (we donated the big chocolate hamper)

The giant bunny was there as usual to assault any 2-foots that didn't donate any pellet tokens

Sascha's pet 2-foots was there to make sure that all of the other 2-foots got fed

There was a 2-foot making and selling bunny jewellery

There was a table full of junk that wise 2-foots had thrown away and stewpid 2-foots bought (our 2-foots bought lots)

Last but by no means least, we asked 2-foots to sponsor some of Bunny Camp's furminent residents


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