dandy's journal by Arwen (dandybun) wrote,
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Oh that Flopsy!

So yesterday...... we did not get to play out until about 3pm, but then we were out until midnight. When the 2 foots announced that it was time to turn in, I hopped straight back to the cage (knowing that a carrot with a green top would be waiting is a bit of an incentive), but that Flopsy girl was having none of it. She got in a strop, ran round the lounge, and finally hid in a cardboard tube BIG MISTAKE! One of the 2 foots just picked up the tube with Flopsy in it, and carried her to the cage, by which time of course, I had eaten all of the green top off the carrot. SERVES HER RIGHT!!!

By the way, a friend of mine has also started a live journal. You can read Biccy's journal at:-

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