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Disorganised 2-foots

What a farce!!!

Last night, the 2-foots did not come home until 9pm WE WERE STARVING! apparently, there had been some kind of emergency, and they had to dash over to the Bunny Camp. That's all well and good, but WHAT ABOUT US! When they finally came home, they were in a real flap, as they had not had anything to eat either, so while one of them looked after us, the other one went out to a place called "The Fish and Chip Shop". He brought back something that really stank, AND THEY ATE IT! Then while one of them cleaned out our condo, and looked after things, the other one (the one with no fur on the top of his head)lay down on the sofa, and snored like a drain.
They finally put us to bed after 1am, and then went upstairs to sleep. This morning, the first one emerged at about 6am, and said "I'll get you a treat stick", but did she get it? DID SHE FRITH! it was about 10 mins later as she walked past our condo when she realised that she had forgotten, and that was only because Flopsy Girl was staring at her.

Things can ONLY get better.........
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