dandy's journal by Arwen (dandybun) wrote,
dandy's journal by Arwen

Now where was I.......

When the 2 foots got me home, they decided (Notice I say THEY decided, nobody consults me!!!) that to help me to settle down, I should have may marriage tackle removed WHAT!!!!! Anyway, they never told me that was why we were going to the vet, I thought it was just time for the mixi jab or something, anyway, I digress. I had the op, and was just starting to feel hungry & stuff when suddenly BANG blood starts pouring from my stitches, and I felt myself getting really woozy. My 2 foots grabbed me, and took me straight away back to the vet, more anesthetic, more stitches, but boy, did I play for sympathy, I've got this real pathetic look that I can put on WHENEVER I like, of course the 2 foots fell for it hook line & sinker. A long recuperation, with lots of attention (just as it should be) followed, but you know how it goes, I overdid things, and next thing I knew I had gut stasis! I'll tell you, that one had me REALLY worried, but fortunately, my 2 foots took me to Francis Harcourt-Brown, one of the best vet's in the universe by all accounts (still, I'm worth it), and she fixed all my problems, so now everything is just fine & dandy (geddit!).

My woman is calling.... As much as I would like to stay & chat, there are other priorities....

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