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Busy, busy, busy

Yes, I know that it's no excuse, and that I really should have written in my journal yesterday but I've been so busy that you just would not believe it. Let me give you an egg-sample. My day started well before dawn when I had to get the 2-foots out of bed. Then I had to race downstairs to ensure that Millie didn't steal all the breakfast. That was so tiring that I had to have a short nap for 4 or 5 hours or so. This of course made me hungry so that I had to give all my attention to eating some grass and hay. All this effort left me exhausted so I had to have another nap until teatime. Once I had taken on some more sustenance, I had a large cardboard box to werk on (they don't rip themselves up you know) this took me to supper time after which it was time fur bed.

I don't know how I fit it all in. 
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