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Browsing the net.....

Before you ask, no I WAS NOT looking for pornography... ok, I might have found some by accident, but that was because I was looking for stuff about diet. I mean how was I supposed to know that when I searched on "Going at it like rabbits" that I would get all this wierd stuff about what 2 foots get up to? I think I'll play safe & stick with Flopsy Girl. Fortunatly, my 2 foots seem devoted to each other, so I don't think that they are about to get up to the weird goings on I saw the pictures of.....

Anyway. While I was on the net, I found this really cool website from the Rabbit Welfare Fund http://www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk/(THATS MY KIND OF ORGANISATION!). They have a leaflet that you can download, but this is what it says:-


The Easter Bunny has long been acknowledged as the benevolent bringer of the traditional Easter Eggs, but recent years have seen an increase in the numbers of real bunnies being bought for children as an additional Easter treat.

Unfortunately, many of these rabbits are bought without any thought being given to their needs, and sadly the months after Easter sees many of them living a solitary life in a “hutch-bound hell” - or being “donated” to increasingly hard-pressed rabbit rescue centres - once the kids have grown bored with them.

In an effort to highlight this problem, the Rabbit Welfare Association has produced a leaflet outlining the social and practical needs of rabbits, and in the weeks up to Easter is hoping to attract press and TV support for their campaign –

Space Exercise Companionship Stimulation

Ingrid Tarrant has once again agreed to support our efforts; she was featured in several national newspapers last October when we launched Rabbit Welfare Week, together with her house-rabbit Warren - yes, rabbits can be house-trained to live indoors just like a cat!

If this is something that you might be interested in featuring in the run-up to Easter, then do please contact me on:

T 01622 630491
F 01622 738739
M 07761 477273
Email: Lizamacd@btinternet.com

Many thanks.

Liza Macdonald
PR Liaison – Rabbit Welfare Association

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