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Another day, another treat ball

This free-range business has it's bad points as well as good. In the old days, when we were locked in the condo most nights, we had a routine. One of the 2-foots would come downstairs and give us a treat stick first thing in the morning, but on the odd occasions we were allowed to stay out all night, not only would we get a treat stick, but we would get our treat ball filled with goodies too!

Now we thought that as we are out all the time, we would get a treat ball every day WRONG! The 2-foots have decided that too many treats are bad for us, and that we can only have the treat ball once or twice a week. I ASK YOU, HOW DO THEY KNOW WHAT'S BAD FOR US? A little of what you fancy does you good I say, and I FANCY A TREAT BALL! Of course I also fancy Flopsy Girl, so you can imagine what I am going to do when I've finished typing.....

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