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He's Been!

Twenty Fifth of December

Santa has been, and though I didn't actually confront him I did get a glimpse of him. 

I had just stuck my head in the hay for some nourishment when I heard a noise. I turned around just in time to see Santa leaving. He left behind...
Purple Russell Sprowt Tree (which is amazing as I only found out about those last night when someone of Facebook told me about them), A brand new tunnel shaped like a Chris-Moose Cracker, and a Brand New Cardboard box, PLUS, A Brand New Tent!!!! 

What with these bunderful presents and nice things to eat, it's going to be the best Chris-Moose ever!

Here is something really startling though. Although I didn't get a really good luck at Santa, I did get a really good smell of him, and guess what? He must be related to our pet 2-foot (The one with no fur on the top of his head) because he smelt just like him!!!


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