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The Journals

As you know, I took over this journal from the late great Dandy many years ago, in fact I have now been keeping this journal longer than he did! However...

We live in a changing world. I enjoy writing my journal, but do you still enjoy reading it?

If the answer is yes then I will continue writing it, but if you have all now migrated to Facebook then furhaps...

What do you think?


Jan. 20th, 2012 06:29 pm (UTC)
The journal is the home of the LIA! As long as we have even one active agent it MUST continue.

It does get a bit disheartening when no-one seems to be posting and I admit I have been neglecting my journal lately. I of course blame my 2foots.

I think we all need to make an effort to do better, post more and try to return it to the great community it used to be.

I like to read back sometimes over old LJ entries, they hold so many memories. We mustn't let it go.


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