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The weekend stops here

Good morning everybun. Well the weekend has come and gone, and once again, Flopsy Girl & Yours Truly have been left to our own devices. I must say, we are now getting very used to this free range business. Our condo is still in the hall, but it is left open all the time, in case we want to nip in for a drink of water, but we don't do that very often, which is odd really, as we used to drink quite a bit when we were in there all day, but now it seems such a long way to hop, that we seldom bother.

One of the 2-foots was very busy yesterday with something called paperwork. This is a job she does from time to time which involves her having some papers on her knee, and then lots more papers on the floor. She then has to keep putting marks on these papers, and then moving them round. As we were in a generous mood yesterday, both me and Flopsy Girl helped her by putting some marks of our own on the papers with our teeth, and moving them round for her, after which we had to have a rest until the food arrived.

The 2-foots still have not realised that Flopsy Girl has a problem with her teeth, so I think I'll have to poo on the carpet to get their attention........

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