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The 100 foot needle

We all know the terrors of the 50 foot needle. Whenever it it time for our Myxi or VHD jabs we are subjected to it. Well Millie and I were due fur our 6 monthly myxi booster so imagine our horror when Auntie Francis (the beast bunny vet in the world) suggested giving us a combined jab!

Fist, the positives.
1. We only need one jab annually
2. See number one (there are no more positives)

Now the negatives:-
1. Double jab, so obviously the needle was twice (if not more) the size.
2. I don't like injections
3. It was raining.

As you can plainly see, the negatives outnumber the positives so I feel very badly done to. What is more, I had some wax in my ears so I had to have some drops and Auntie Francis poked my ears with a cotton bud the size of a lamp post!


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