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Being furpect

I just thought that I would write a few words to explain how difficult it is being furpect:-

  1. Pawsomeness... It is more difficult than you can possibly imagine to be this pawsome, I have to work so hard at eating and relaxing in order to maintain my looks. 
  2. Appetite... In order to keep my magnificent physique I need to keep in constant training to eat as much as I possibly can.
  3. Sleeping... Sleeping is such a demanding pastime. I need to do lots of it and it prevents my eating.
  4. Exercise... Avoid this at all costs.
  5. ​Keeping a journal... Well, how many of you write in your journals as often as I do?
So as you can see, there are very few that can achieve what I do... Come to think of it... I can't think of anybun else that does.

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