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More on Flopsy Girl

Hmmm You all know by now how much I adore Flopsy Girl, but the thing is, now she has become an agony aunt, she is getting to be insufferable! I mean last night for example, I went across for a lick, and she said "Have you made an appointment?". When the 2-foots brought our food in, she said "Bring the nicest bits over here to me would you please Dandy".

I don't want to hurt her feelings, but I have to make her realise that as editor-in-chief of Bunny Camp News, I am more important than she is, and that she SHOULD be showing me far more respect!

By the way, The latest edition of bunny camp news has been sent off to be put on the website, but if you can't wail that long, send me an e-mail at blackberryflopsy@yahoo.co.uk and I will e-mail you your very own copy.

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