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Hello, Is there anybunny there?

I'm doing this quickly before I get caught, but I am trying to contact anybun in Lagamorphia that might be able to tell me what is going on.

My name is Annie and I lived until very recently in a small box with a guinea pig. It was very boring and I didn't get any exercise but I got LOTS of food (I used to eat the guinea pig's as well as my own).

As I said, life was very boring, but about 3 weeks ago everything changed! I was taken to a place where there were lots of buns, and they messed about with me there quite a lot, I even had a hop-or-asian but I have no idea why. Then, about a week ago, everything changed again. Now I seem to have acquired a pair of 2-foots and total freedom to go wherever I want whenever I want in their burrow. There is some very nice food and everything seems very comfortable except for just one thing. Already living here is an elderly crotchety old Buck called Cedric who seems to think that he is Frith's gift to rabbits!

Could anybun please tell me what is going on, how long am I likely to be here and should I be worried?

Thank you


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