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A report on my day

My day started at 4:30am when I decided to run through all my tunnels and make as much noise as possible. Co-incidentally, I heard the 2-foots got up soon after that.

I had first breakfast at 6am (herbs), 2nd breakfast at 6:30, (pellets) 3rd breakfast at seven (more pellets) and subsequent breakfasts at half hourly intervals until lunch time.

After lunch, I had a kip fur a while, and then had a snack to tide me over until High Tea. After High Tea, I chilled out for a bit, munched some hay and grass and prepared myself for my evening meal of cabbage, salad, carrot, hay, grass, clover, and plantain. After a quick poo I had some pellets for pudding.

I am currently about to eat 2nd supper, having had a first supper of hay and pellets. As I am sure you can imagine, after such an exhausting day I am ready for another kip before 3rd supper.

If only the 2-foots knew how hard we work...


Oct. 17th, 2012 03:16 pm (UTC)
NO! Walter - STOP!!!



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