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My day

While the old chap is asleep I thought that I would write something in our journal. 

This was my day...

I woke up at 4am and decided to make as much noise as possible, so I did lots of bunny 500's and ran as fast as I could through my plastic tubes which made quite a racket. This caused the doe 2-foot to come downstairs to see what was going on, result!

At about 5:30am the 2-foots came down for breakfast... our breakfast that is. When we had finished I think that the 2-foots may have managed a quick snack, but to be honest I don't really care.

Both 2-foots left the burrow at about 7am so then it was all ours. After treading poo in the carpet we decided to have a sleep. We woke up when the first 2-foot arrived home and demanded non-stop treats until teatime, after which we demanded non-stop treats.

Incidentally... Just before I made this entry, I had a sneak preview of some of the Live Hay'd video's... All I can say is all of you that buy one will think that it is phenominal! it is without doubt the ultimate Christmas DVD!!!

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