dandy's journal by Arwen (dandybun) wrote,
dandy's journal by Arwen

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Auntie Barbara

Hello Everybun:

One of my very best 2-foot friends is Auntie Barbara. She's really nice (for a 2-foot). she always helps me with Bunny Camp News, she sends things every month for me to use. Unfortunately, one of Auntie Barbara's owners Zippy-Zoo decided that it was time to go to the rainbow bridge a couple of days ago, so Auntie Barbara is feeling a bit lost and lonely at the moment. I'm sure that her other owner Tinker will try hard to comfort her, and that it is very likely that another Bun will come into their lives before too long, but in the meantime, I just wanted you all to know that Me and Flopsy Girl are sending her all our love.

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