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Well here's a funny thing...

Today, we went out in the garden. I had a good look around and enjoyed myself, but Annie hid under a chair.

in the shade

I found out one thing though, I'm a better swimmer than she is...

She did her usual trick of trying to beat me up, but I thought to myself, Smokey, you have been a gentlebun for long enough, so I gave as good as I got, but as we attacked each other, we jumped up in the air and landed right in the middle of the pond!

Well I swum out of there in no time and soon dried off, although I was a bit damp for a while


But as I said before, I was soon dry. Annie did a bit of half hearted chasing after that but she soon got bored. I think that she is like most bullies, and is really a coward if you fight them back. Anyway, when she got board, Annie slunk back in the house, but I stayed out for ages enjoying myself.

garden 1

All in all, a very satisfactory day.

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