dandy's journal by Arwen (dandybun) wrote,
dandy's journal by Arwen

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Back to the old routine

We had a very satisfactory week last night. There was a 2-foot in attendance virtually all of the time. This morning however, they have both gone out to work...
I wouldn't mind quite so much, but even though they KNEW that they would be leaving us alone today, THEY WENT OUT YESTERDAY!!! In fairness to them though, it was their monthly meeting, where they get together with the other pet 2-foots to talk about what they can do to help Bunny Camp.
Anyway, I said to Flopsy Girl last night, "What do you think we should do to show our disapproval at being left alone today?" "Oh I think the usual will do nicely" she said, and proceeded to leave a big puddle on the floor...

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