dandy's journal by Arwen (dandybun) wrote,
dandy's journal by Arwen

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Conspiracy theory....

I've been talking to the hairy mob... There's something strange going on here. and I don't like the sound of it at all. You know I told you yesterday, that my pet 2-foots are going out on Sunday? Well, it appears that some 2-foots are going to see the hairy mob on Sunday, and I'm beginning to think that it may be ours! As you well know, I have long advocated that each bun should ideally have two 2-foots to serve their every need, but under no circumstances should there be less than one... Well the hairy mob only have two 2-foots to serve the whole lot of them! I have a horrible suspicion that their 2-foots are trying to recruit some help, and that they may be trying to get our 2-foots to go live there... What will we do? who will look after me and Flopsy Girl... Please tell me I'm wrong!

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