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Rain & lack of 2-foots, plus some important news

It's raining... it was raining yesterday too... I'm sure the pond is getting bigger, and our lawn is getting smaller... Even if it were not raining, both 2-foots are out at work, which is VERY annoying, as the one with fur on the top of her head usually stays at home on Fridays... So here we are... stuck in the house... no 2-foots to care for us...

I have however found out more about what is happening on Sunday, I've been listening to the 2-foots talking. There is a rabbit at the Bunny Camp called Barley. He's getting on a bit (he's about 7 years old), and he has been terribly neglected by the 2-foots he used to live with. Well, Sonya at the Bunny Camp has looked after him for a couple of weeks, and nursed him back to health, and now, our 2-foots are going to pick him up on Sunday, and take him down to Wales so that he can go and live with the Hairy Mob! This is an exciting development, as it will be the first time that our 2-foots will have visited the mob, and it will give them an opportunity to learn from them how to look after me and Flopsy Girl much better than they do now! I'm looking forward to having at least one 2-foot in attendance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as I'm sure that they will realise that what they need to be doing is taking it in turns to go to sleep, or go to work, that way, there will always be one of them in attendance. I'M SO EXCITED!!!

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