dandy's journal by Arwen (dandybun) wrote,
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Apparently, I have an Auntie Barbara

Much consternation, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth by the 2 foots this weekend. Like me, they are still worried about Flopsy Girl. She does not seem to want to do much, and is not eating as much as she normally does. One of the 2 foots took her to the vet on Saturday, but she could not find anything wrong.

Apparently, when they have these kind of problems, the 2 foots normally ask Auntie Barbara's advice. It would seem that she is some kind of expert, who knows all the best plants and leaves and things to tempt a lethargic bun back to eating normally again. However, there is some kind of problem. Someone has upset Auntie Barbara, so she is not around to help anymore. I hope that she feels better soon, as I'm really worried about Flopsy Girl, my 2 foots need all the help they can get.

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