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The sky is falling

I'm terribly concerned, as I think that the sky is falling down.

As I'm writing this, I'm looking out of the window, and all of the clouds have come down, and are on our grass. I'm not too worried about the clouds as they are quite soft, but what about everything else that is up there?

The stars look like they might be sharp, so I would not want to be hit by one of those. The moon though just looks like a ball, so I suppose it might be a treat ball, and there may be things in it worth eating, we will just have to see. The thing that worries me most though is the sun. It is very hot and bright, so it might burn our grass.

As usual, Flopsy Girl is completely un-fazed by all of this, she seems to think that things will all look after themselves, and that in a day or two at most, everything will be back to normal, I just wish I had her confidence.

On a brighter note, we still have a 2-foot in attendance all day, so we have started a new game. We hold on to our wee as long as we can, right up until the 2-foot cleans out our litter tray, then we let it all go and soak it again straight away. We played it again first thing this morning, just after we had our morning parsley. I really, really hope that we will all still be here to play the game tomorrow and that the sky stops falling.

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